Sunday , June 4 2023

FIFA speaks on Vinicius racism row!

Full solidarity to Vinicius. There is no place for racism in football or in society and FIFA stands by all players who have found themselves in such a situation. Events during the match between Valencia and Real Madrid show that this needs to be the case.

That is why the three-step process exists in FIFA competitions and it is recommended at all levels of football. Firstly, you stop the match, you announce it. Secondly, the players leave the pitch and the speaker announces that if the attacks continue, the match will be suspended. The match restarts, and then, thirdly, if the attacks continue, the match will stop and the three points will go to the opponent. These are the rules that should be implemented in all countries and in all leagues.

Clearly, this is easier said than done, but we need to do it and we need to support it through education.

Sometimes we focus on the victims and tend to forget the perpetrators. They are the ones who should be blamed first, before football or the system. Racists should be banned for life from entering football stadiums worldwide, and they should face criminal charges in their country as racism is a crime.

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