Insults on social media down 84% during 2023/24 LALIGA season!

LALIGA, through M.O.O.D, a tool for tracking the conversation about sport in Spain on social media, analysed more than 10 million conversations from almost 4 million users over after the first half of the season. The figures show a decrease of 84% in the number of insults used on social media during that period, compared to the second half of last season, when records began being kept on the tool.

The conversations analysed show 176,000 fewer insults, resulting in a decrease in the M.O.O.D. index to 6.5, one point less than last year, when the average was 7.5.

During the first 19 matchdays, 59% more conversations were recorded than in the previous season and the number of users increased fourfold. Even so, the 13% drop in hate speech recorded by M.O.O.D. indicates that fans are looking for a football free of violence and demonstrates the effectiveness of the awareness-raising campaigns undertaken by the clubs and LALIGA, as part of the LALIGA VS initiative.

Hate speech is still present and outnumbers positive messages. Statistics show that one in five users use insults and the most prevalent emotions on social media are anger, outrage and sadness. Additionally, racism, xenophobia, political ideology and sexism are the most recurrent topics, generating more than 250,000 conversations among fans.

Some 41% are produced by people over 45 years of age, which sets a bad example for the younger generations. Likewise, there are no significant differences in M.O.O.D. by gender, but there are notable variations by age. There is a generation gap among the over 45s, whose M.O.O.D. index is around 10% higher than that of the under 45s. The group with the lowest rating is the 18-24 year olds.

In the first half of the season, around 509,000 positive conversations were generated among fans. Those expressing passion stand out with more than 137,000 messages sent and those expressing desire and joy with 35,000.

The main mission of LALIGA and its clubs is to continue to maintain this trend and to further reduce the M.O.O.D. index by carrying out more initiatives to raise awareness.

The release of M.O.O.D is part of the LALIGA VS project. Through this platform LALIGA and its clubs seek to use the full power of football to inspire society by being an example of respect and sportsmanship, especially for those who will shape the football of the future.

You can check the M.O.O.D data for each matchday on the LALIGA VS website.

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