Friday , April 12 2024

Inter Campus visits Venezuela with UEFA Foundation for Children support!

The aim of Inter Campus is to accompany children on a healthy growth path, to keep them away from danger and help them form their personalities, so that they can, today and tomorrow, know right from wrong. This is not easy in contexts plagued by prevarication and violence, verbal, intra-familiar, street violence. Societies where inequalities are a constant threat to the sustainable development of communities, drawing even the youngest into regressive dynamics, linked to the production, consumption and sale of drugs, or prostitution. Shortcuts to earning a few extra dollars, which, however, allows the family to make ends meet.

Children’s rights, such as education, food, self-determination, freedom, are inevitably lacking, with repercussions on their character. Fragilities that emerge through a tripartite scientific analysis, compiled by children, parents and educators. Three perspectives to outline an unambiguous profile of the state of mind and fact of each of the 125 participants in Inter Campus Venezuela. Elements that, once known, can be supported and corrected through camp activities, or with personal and human attention. Psychological support, which is often needed, is hard to find in these places.

On the other hand, also great abilities, which every child possesses and which adults must know how to exploit. The precarious balance that accompanies everyday life, in the hope that resources will prevail in the small big choices of each day.

The project is co-financed by the UEFA Foundation for Children.

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