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KBFC Young Blasters Sporthood Academy crosses 3,000 admissions!

KBFC Young Blasters Sporthood Academy, the academy venture of Kerala Blasters FC, the football club that represents the state in the Indian Super League, has crossed 3,000 admissions. This is the most admissions ever achieved by a football academy in Kerala. It has always been the club’s mission to find football talents from Kerala, nurture and groom them and provide them with a way to continue their football career. For this, Kerala Blasters FC started the Young Blasters Sporthood Academy (YBSA) in collaboration with Sporthood in 2019. Today, Young Blasters Sporthood Academy has more than 80 centers in 14 districts across the State.

The vision of YBSA is to build the capacity to train 100,000 children across 1,000 grassroots centers in the next 5 years. This year (2022), they are setting up 150 grassroots coaching academies in partnership with schools and football turfs across all 14 districts.

The Young Blasters Sporthood Academy provides scholarships for highly talented kids as well as those who may not be able to afford the coaching fees. These scholarships vary from a 25% to 100% fee waiver. Merit-based scholarships are given out to the most gifted kids while means-based scholarships are awarded based on Annual income.

“Our vision is to build a system that will make sure that all level players are donning the yellow jersey that is being scouted from the state of Kerala itself”- Rahul Antony Thomas, CEO, Sporthood.

“KBFC has always been committed to the state and the footballing talent it has. This structure was created to ensure that the very best talent from across Kerala can be nurtured from an early age to ensure their success. We are excited to be on this journey with Sporthood and look forward to crossing many more milestones together” Nikhil Bharadwaj, Whole Time Director, Kerala Blasters FC.

Young Blasters Sporthood Academy

Young Blasters – Sporthood Academy (YBSA) is a unique grassroots development partnership between Kerala Blasters and Sporthood, South India’s largest network of neighborhood sports clubs to deliver world class football coaching, right at the doorstep of every Malayalee. Through this initiative, they are setting up a tiered player development pyramid that paves the way for talented children in the age group of 5yrs to 18yrs to progress all the way through the official Youth Squads to the Reserve team and ultimately the First team of Kerala Blasters FC.

Level 1, Grassroot Centers: Football basics imparted in line with world class curriculum developed by our Head of Grassroots and Youth Development.

Level 2, High Performance Centers: Advanced coaching and tournament exposure for the best students from every district. Merit & means based scholarships available for select students

Level 3, Center of Excellence: Our residential academy where the best students scouted from across India receive best in class football and fitness training along with education, food & accomodation, fully sponsored by Kerala Blasters FC.

Level 4,Reserve Squad

Level 5, First Team


Football coaching in YBSA begins from the age of 5 and goes up to 15, with dedicated batches being available for every age group. These batches have a maximum of 12 players so that kids can participate more while allowing the coaches to play a bigger role in their development. Both boys and girls are the focus of the academy at grassroot level and will be trained based on their age groups and skill levels. Finding the right batch based on age and skill level is the first step towards setting up a fun and effective learning environment for your child.

Coaching Philosophy

The Young Blasters Sporthood Academy focuses on the holistic development of the child in order for them to be able to deal successfully with various sporting challenges in the future, while also ingraining in them the values that embodies our philosophy: teamwork, respect, effort, humility, and ambition. We also strongly believe that the progress of a child depends on the development of the coaches. Only a skilled coach can bring out hidden talents that are lurking within each child. All the coaches in YBSA are certified in the workshops conducted by Sporthood and Kerala Blasters FC.

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