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Kyrgyz FU’s Football at School programme continues to impact lives!

The Kyrgyz Football Union (KFU)’s concerted efforts to enhance the capabilities of Physical Education (PE) teachers in the Republic reached a significant milestone when it launched the second edition of the “Football at School” programme on February 8, 2024.

Supported by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Dream Asia Foundation, the Football at School campaign exemplifies the Foundation’s overarching motto of “Football Cares” and underlines its three key pillars of Child Safeguarding, Education, and Social Inclusion.

With the first edition touching numerous lives in the capital city of Bishkek, the KFU has now taken the programme to Osh City, the country’s oldest and second-largest city, and aims to help PE teachers across schools and orphanages strengthen their soft and hard skills, providing them with a deeper understanding of the fundamental methodologies and principles related to football techniques.

Moreover, it also seeks to raise awareness on key topics such as first aid training, prevention of child abuse and violence, and the importance of child safeguarding, further upholding the AFC Dream Asia Foundation’s ambitions of harnessing the power of the beautiful game to foster positive change in society.

The programme, which will be conducted between February and July, will engage up to 30 PE teachers from 54 selected schools and orphanages, who, with their newly enhanced skills, are expected to directly impact the lives of at least 10,000 boys and girls.

Additionally, in line with the inaugural 2022 edition, the PE teachers will be presented with the opportunity to obtain a “D” certificate from the coaching course scheduled to take place in the coming months, with the most promising candidates being granted the chance to pursue the advanced “C” licence coaching course later in the year.

Graced by the presence of eminent dignitaries such as Osh City UNICEF Head Aisulu Sulaimanova and representatives from the renowned Red Crescent Kyrgyzstan, the Football at School Programme also plans to host a fun-filled football festival where as many as 300 children from the city’s schools and orphanages are set to take part in a U-8 friendly tournament.

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