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VIDEO: Game On or Game Over? Go behind the scenes of latest New Balance film!

Go behind the scenes of the latest New Balance film. Is it Game On or Game Over? #Visaro #Furon Watch as Alvaro Negredo, Jesus Navas and Aaron Ramsey showcase the brand new boots by New Balance. Introducing the brand new #Furon – Bright Cherry, Galaxy and Firefly boots. The boots …

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VIDEO – New Balance: It’s Game Over when Alvaro Negredo is in Furon!

Absorb the pressure. Then release. The new and improved #Furon boot. Designed for a new generation of finishers. When Alvaro Negredo is in #Furon, it’s Game Over for the opposition. #Furon players are the ones who play for the single, momentous opportunity, the one chance to decide the game and …

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