Friday , April 19 2024

VIDEO: Game On or Game Over? Go behind the scenes of latest New Balance film!

New Balance - Furon bootsGo behind the scenes of the latest New Balance film. Is it Game On or Game Over? #Visaro #Furon

Watch as Alvaro Negredo, Jesus Navas and Aaron Ramsey showcase the brand new boots by New Balance.

Introducing the brand new #Furon – Bright Cherry, Galaxy and Firefly boots. The boots made for the strikers. These players thrive under immense pressure. They absorb it, they find their zone and take their opportunity. They take their chance to finish it. If the ball drops to a #Furon player, it’s Game Over for the opposition.

New Balance are also introducing a new colour #Visaro – Galaxy, Bright Cherry and Firefly. #Visaro players take to the field for one reason – to create. They put the ball on a plate for the players that do, making it almost impossible to miss. They know when the whistle blows – it’s Game On.

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