The VAR Show: In conversation with Arunava Chaudhuri!

The VAR Show of Nepali radio station BFM 91.2 MHz carried out an interview with me, Arunava Chaudhuri, about Indian football and my journey in the sport.

Arunava Chaudhuri was born on October 30, 1976 in Remscheid and brought-up in Germany; spending five years of his schooling in Kolkata in-between. As a German-born person of Indian origin, he played football as a youngster and remained interested in the game over the years.

His tryst with football media came in April 1998 when he founded IndianFootball.Com, India’s first website fully dedicated to football rather by-chance as he then wanted to teach him self how to program and make a website in HTML. Through this he created a niche for him self as a sports expert particularly in football, he honed his skills by working for various media organisations around the world, be it Deutsche Welle (radio, television & online), ESPN-Star Sports, Times Now, Headlines Today (India Today), WION and founding his German home town channel rs1tv in Remscheid.

He has been quoted as an expert by numerous media organisations, while having given expert interviews to a number of television, radio and online channels around the world.

Since April 2010, he has been writing his own blog, arunfoot – Arunava Chaudhuri about Football, with an India and Germany focus besides his opinion being sought as an expert by global media organisations. Since April 2016 his blog shifted to its own domain under .

But besides his over 21 years of football media experience; he has over the years worked on a number of football projects across the world in management and as a consultant, having worked for the German Football Association (DFB), German Bundesliga, FC Bayern Munich, 1899 Hoffenheim, Southampton FC, worked in football development in the Caribbean (West Indies), the Indian national football team and being Mumbai City FC’s COO in the inaugural 2014 Indian Super League season.

Also he has moderated and/or been part of expert panels at football (soccer) conferences around the world, be it Soccerex, Leaders, International Football Arena, World Football Forum, FICCI, CII and many many more.

He has also had the pleasure of hosting gala evenings like the Football Players Association of India (FPAI) organised Indian Football Awards.

Further he is a co-founder of local television channel in his home town in Remscheid, which was launched in December 2010.

The VAR Show – The View And Review Show ( a pun on the VAR) . This show talks about all the major football leagues mostly of Europe. The show is aired every Friday @ 7 pm Nepalese time on BFM 91.2 MHz . One can also listen to this show by downloading ” Hamro Patro ” mobile application and then go to Radio section and tune into 91.2 MHz . The last way of listening to the show is by going to

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