VIDEO – adidas: Dele Alli vs Kaka | Predator vs Predator!

adidas Football has released ‘Predator vs Predator’, a short film featuring Dele Alli, one of the most exciting young football players in the world, and Kaka, one of the most revered football players of all time. As one of the original, iconic faces of Predator, Kaka puts the new Predator through its paces and shows he has lost none of his incredible ability with a series of stunning strikes at the secret soccer location.

The film is the first in a series of Predator v Predator films from the brand which will feature young stars picking up the mantle of playing in the Predator, and the iconic players who made the cleat the most famous in the world – Episode Two will feature Koke and Xabi Alonso, while Episode Three will include Alena and Ivan Rakitic.

The film showcases Dele Alli and Kaka behind-closed-doors discussing their mutual love for football, each explaining how they grew up playing on the streets of England and Brazil. While growing up on different sides of the world, Dele Alli and Kaka find common ground in the importance of enjoying the game and harnessing the spirit of street Football in order to perform at their best.

Dele Alli said, “I first started playing on the courts where kids went to play on the concrete. The most important thing for me is enjoying it still, because I notice if I start playing badly it’s because I’m thinking too much about the game.”

The two also share a mutual admiration for some of the Predator’s most iconic players – from David Beckham to Zinedine Zidane, and some of Kaka’s most memorable strikes in the cleat – the stage is set for Dele Alli to create the next great moment.

Talking of iconic Predator moments, Kaka reflected on when he knew he had to wear Predator, “I have great memories of the Predator, with Zidane in the Champions League Final, and of course David Beckham the way he struck the ball and his movement is just amazing. So, I said ‘one day I want to use these boots’.”

The film concludes with both players discussing the FIFA World Cup. Kaka experienced his first World Cup at 20 and winning the trophy that year, Dele Alli looks ahead to his own ambitions for his first World Cup and looking to make more iconic moments in the new Predator. Dele said, “We’ve just qualified for the World Cup. I obviously hope I get selected for the tournament. The whole country will be wanting us to do well.”

The Predator 18+ Control is a reinvention of the most famous cleat in the world, redeveloped for a new generation of players. The cleat features a black, red and gold colourway that recalls great Predator boots of the past while combining the latest cutting edge innovation from adidas Football.

A PURECUT LACELESS system ensures maximum surface control while a FORGED KNIT integrated midfoot support structure offers stability. An updated CONTROLFRAME and new hybrid stud tip configuration amplifies rotation and traction.

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