Monday , December 11 2023

Minerva Public School crowned U-14 Subroto Cup champions!

In a close fought showdown at the 62nd Subroto Cup, Minerva Public School emerged victorious in the U-14 Sub Junior Boys Category, securing a 1-0 win against Chawngfianga Middle School – Saidan from Kolasib in Mizoram to snatch the coveted title.

The air was tense, as both teams showcased their skills and determination, captivating the crowd with an unforgettable tournament finale.

Known for their remarkable performance throughout the competition, Chawngfianga Middle School undoubtedly posed a formidable challenge for Minerva Public School.

However, the latter, bursting with self-belief and an unrivaled work ethic, proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. Every player on the Minerva Public School team exemplified perseverance, quality, and unwavering determination, ultimately leading them to lift the prestigious trophy high above their heads.

Gibash Meitei, undoubtedly the standout talent of this year’s Subroto Cup, dazzled spectators and opponents alike with his stellar performance on the field.

Displaying unmatched skill, precision, and an unwavering passion for the sport, Meitei rightfully earned the title of the tournament’s best player. His unrivaled abilities, combined with his keen strategic sense and exceptional teamwork, contributed significantly to Minerva Public School’s glorious triumph.

While the players basked in their well-deserved glory, it is crucial to acknowledge the instrumental role played by their esteemed coach, Ashu Kashyap. Kashyap’s tireless efforts in training and nurturing the team not only resulted in their exceptional performance but also earned him the accolade of the best coach of the tournament.

Under his guidance and expertise, Minerva Public School rose to unprecedented heights, showcasing a level of skill and teamwork that will leave a lasting mark on the annals of the Subroto Cup.

The game reached its climax in the 52nd minute when Azam Khan, an inexorable force on the field, scored a sensational header.

This goal, not only secured Minerva Public School’s triumph but also showcased Khan’s formidable talent, and was reminiscent of the team’s electrifying performance in the semifinals.

With this achievement, Azam reaffirmed his status as a pivotal player in Minerva Public School’s journey to victory.

The Subroto Cup 2023 finals were a testament to the unwavering spirit and indomitable passion of young athletes. Both Minerva Public School and Chawngfianga Middle School demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship, skill, and tenacity, setting an exemplary standard for the future generations of aspiring players.

As the curtains fall on this breathtaking tournament, the memories forged on the field will forever echo throughout the annals of sporting glory.

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