Sunday , April 2 2023

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KPMG reveals The European Champions Report 2021!

The devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are clearly reflected by the financial performance indicators of the champions of Europe’s six prominent leagues in the past season. All six champions scrutinised in our report have now recorded a decrease in their operating revenues: Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Porto registered a …

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Real Madrid surpass Manchester United to lead KPMG’s football clubs’ Enterprise Value ranking!

After three years of stability on the podium, this year sees Real Madrid leapfrogging Manchester United at the top, and Barcelona slipping to the 4th spot, letting Bayern München take the 3rd position. The aggregate enterprise value (EV) of the top 32 clubs in consideration has increased by 9% year …

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Football Benchmark: Chinese football – Revolution into evolution!

Over the past two years, media discussions around Chinese football have mainly focused on enormous transfer fees and, most recently, how a new regulatory framework might compromise Chinese clubs’ purchasing power. However, the development of China’s sports industry, expected to reach RMB 3 trillion (EUR 386 billion) by 2020, will …

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Manchester United leads KPMG’s Football Club’s Enterprise Value ranking, Bayern München closer to top 3!

In advance of Saturday’s UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid CF and Juventus FC and following the success of last year’s publication, KPMG is releasing the second edition of the “Football Clubs’ Valuation: The European Elite 2017”, a report providing an indication of the Enterprise Value (EV) of the …

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Soccerex & KPMG to set the benchmark for football insight!

Soccerex has announced a new content partnership with KPMG Football Benchmark, which will see the companies collaborate to bring high level and exclusive content to the football industry. KPMG’s Football Benchmark team provide a variety of business intelligence and consulting services for the football industry and their recently enhanced digital …

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Real Madrid & Manchester United top KPMG’s football clubs’ valuation report!

In advance of Saturday’s UEFA Champions League final between Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid, KPMG is releasing the first-ever ‘Football club’s valuation: The European elite’, a new ground-breaking report providing an indication of the value of the most prominent European football clubs. Real Madrid and Manchester United top the …

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