Tuesday , May 17 2022

LaLiga clubs receive the first payment from Boost LaLiga!

LaLiga clubs have yesterday, January 20 received a financial injection of €400 million, the first part of the €1.994 billion investment agreed in the Boost LaLiga project. This is a strategic agreement, endorsed by 90% of LaLiga clubs, which links the CVC investment fund with LaLiga and its clubs with the aim of achieving global growth.

The clubs can now start implementing the development plans that have previously been submitted to LaLiga and which will allow them to speed up their modernisation.

The plans developed by clubs had to allocate 70% of the investment to infrastructure, international development, brand and product development, communication strategy, innovation and technology plans, and a content development plan for digital platforms and social networks, with up to an additional 15% available for player registration, and the remaining 15% for financial debt.

Next steps for Boost LaLiga

As of February 1, a new holding company – LaLiga Group – will be formed, to which the bulk of LaLiga’s activity will be transferred, and in which CVC will hold an 8% stake for the next 50 years. At that time, LaLiga clubs will receive a further €298 million.

This is the first step in a 50-year strategic project that will catapult LaLiga and its clubs to new levels across the world. The alliance with CVC represents the addition of an industry partner with extensive global experience in the sports industry, bringing long-term capital and expertise to help LaLiga and its clubs grow globally at a time when there are great challenges and uncertainty within the entertainment industry.

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