Wednesday , October 4 2023

Strategic Tripartite Partnership announced: Uniting the Football Worlds of China, Arab Gulf, & Beyond!

World Football Summit (WFS) have announced a groundbreaking strategic alliance between Shanghai ICI Culture & Sports Co.Ltd., and Sino-Arab Sport Business Council (SASBC).

Three Pillars of Collaboration

Adopting the SASBC model, our collaboration is founded on three core pillars:

1. Connecting relevant businesses and other stakeholders of the sports industry.

2. Enabling collaboration between them

3. Creating opportunities for value-adding work and long-term partnerships.

“As we forge this tripartite alliance, our collective focus will be on these three pillars,” says Jan Alessie, Co-Founder and director of World Football Summit. “This strategic partnership is a monumental step for WFS. Together, we aim to create a more interconnected and collaborative landscape for football businesses and organizations across diverse geographies. We are true believers in the power of football to bridge the gap between cultures, and this partnership is proof of it.”

The Unique Power of Football

Football has become a force that transcends sports, as its influence in culture, business, and even politics is palpable and goes both ways.

Football industry stakeholders must make a conscious effort to understand that football influences local culture, but local culture also influences football.

“As sport continues to globalize, there is an ever-present need to understand diverse territories grows. While in a world where views can be divergent, sports remain a facilitator of understanding, dialogues, and collaborations,” concluded Yihan HU, co-chair, and founder of SASBC, CEO and founder of Shanghai ICI Culture & Sports.

In observing World Football Summit’s development, strengthening links between East and West Asia, and the formation of the SASBC, Simon Chadwick notes how important it is becoming for new institutions to be established that foster and promote understanding and collaboration across geographic territories.

What’s Next?

Initially, the focus of this partnership will be on WFS Europe in September. However, this is only the beginning. Further collaboration will be explored for upcoming World Football Summit events around the globe.

Moreover, leveraging the power of their respective networks and the expertise all sides bring to the table, the development of insightful reports, articles, and other content that demonstrate that football is a common language of understanding is also at play.

For those interested in learning more about this partnership that travels beyond frontiers, make sure you connect with us during the upcoming World Football Summit event in Sevilla on September 20-21.

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