Wednesday , October 4 2023

Digital Virgo & LaLiga sign partnership to introduce the mobile app LaLiga Xtra!

LaLiga and Digital Virgo have signed a partnership agreement to introduce LaLiga Xtra, which will reach users on a global level offering a unique way of consuming content, through licensees in 18 countries. The agreement marks the next phase of LaLiga Xtra, based on a licensing model, which will allow LaLiga to be focused on the content innovation and development and the licensees to manage the project in its region.

LaLiga Xtra, available in countries across South America, Europe and MENA, including France, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, and Morocco, among others, is a mobile application introduced by Digital Virgo and LaLiga aimed at football fans looking for a 360º experience when watching matches. LaLiga Xtra is filled with engaging LaLiga content, quizzes, and a Fantasy Football associated app.

The second screen use has become the norm for football fans when watching a match. According to Statista, 77% of people use their smartphone while watching TV, and 35% use applications. In this context, LaLiga Xtra provides the best content as a second screen to follow all content related to the live TV experience. Live results, advanced statistics, news, and much more can be accessed from a single point of reference.

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