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Fixtures of 2022 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup qualifying second round in Africa!

The second round of the African qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup – Costa Rica will take place in September and October 2021.

Below are the fixtures (time in GMT):

First Leg (September 23-25, 2021)


  • Matola: Mozambique vs. South Africa (13h00)


  • Kigali: Rwanda vs. Ethiopia (13h00)
  • Lusaka: Zambia vs. Malawi (13h00)
  • Ngozi: Burundi vs. Namibia (13h00)
  • Bakau: Gambia vs. Burkina Faso (16h00)


  • Asmara: Eritrea vs. Tanzania (13h00)
  • Porto-Novo: Benin vs. Morocco (15h00)
  • Bamako: Mali vs. Senegal (16h30)
  • Luanda: Angola vs. Botswana (14h30)
  • Cairo: Egypt vs. Congo (18h00)
  • Nairobi: Kenya vs. Uganda (12h00)
  • Mumias (Kenya): Guinea vs. Sierra Leone (16h00)
  • Libreville: Gabon vs. Guinea-Bissau (14h30)
  • Lubumbashi: DR Congo vs. Cameroon (14h00)
  • Douala: Central African Republic vs. Nigeria (14h00)

Second Leg (October 7-9, 2021)


  • Lagos : Nigeria vs. Central African Rpublic (15h00)
  • Johannesburg (South Africa) : Namibia vs. Burundi (14h00)


  • Thies : Senegal vs. Mali (17h00)
  • Johannesburg: South Africa vs. Mozambique (13h00)
  • Kampala: Uganda vs. Kenya (13h00)


  • Dar es Salaam : Tanzania vs. Eritrea (12h00)
  • Bahir Dar : Ethiopia vs. Rwanda (13h00)
  • Yaoundé : Cameroon vs. DR Congo (14h30)
  • Lilongwe : Malawi vs. Zambia (13h00)
  • Francistown : Botswana vs. Angola (14h00)
  • Brazzaville : Congo vs. Egypt (14h30)
  • Makeni City : Sierra Leone vs. Guinea (16h00)
  • Bissau : Guinea-Bissau vs. Gabon (16h30)
  • Rabat : Maroc vs. Benin (16h00)
  • Cotonou (Benin) : Burkina Faso vs. Gambia (16h00)

*Ghana vs. Mauritania / Mauritania vs. Ghana (matches cancelled because of Mauritania’s withdrawal. Ghana is qualified for the next round)

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