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Germany’s DFB present Women in Football Strategy FF27>>

Fast forward to the year 2027. That’s what the German Football Association (DFB) is doing with its brochure on the Women in Football Strategy FF27>>, which was published today. A leap in time, five years into the future, with a clear vision and ambitious goals.

The strategy is intended to be the basis for action at all levels, from the DFB to the individual state and regional associations, and covers all areas of women’s football: from amateur level to the professional game and national teams. From grassroots work and communication, from marketing and coaching to talent development and women in all roles within the DFB.

Mammitzsch: “Further development in all areas”

Sabine Mammitzsch, DFB Vice-President for Women’s and Girls’ Football, said: “We want to develop in all of these areas, and we want to do it with full power and at all levels. We have already achieved a lot in recent years and will now be able to achieve even more on the basis of this strategy. In doing so, we want to play our part in allowing women and girls in Germany to gradually find better and better conditions to play football or be active in football in other ways.”

The concrete goals by 2027 are:

  • The national teams and the clubs in the women’s Bundesliga to have won international titles
  • The number of active female players, coaches and referees to have increased by 25 percent
  • The media coverage of women’s football across all platforms to have doubled
  • The proportion of women on committees and at full-time management levels to be at least 30 percent

Future projects of the DFB

In September 2019, the “Future Females” project was passed at the 43rd DFB Bundestag. This later became the “Women in Football” project, and is one of the three important future projects of the DFB. The project group is made up of staff members from the sporting areas of the academies and the National teams, as well as members from matchday operations and from the DFB’s specialist departments, such as the committee for social responsibility and grass roots development.

The project team includes DFB vice presidents Sabine Mammitzsch and Celia Šašić, as well as general secretary Heike Ullrich and two former international players Renate Lingor and Doris Fitschen. External experts were also involved in the development of the “Women in Football Strategy FF27>>”

Fitschen: “A clear sign of a new era”

“The DFB’s commitment to the “Women in Football Strategy FF27>>” and to the goals that have been mapped out, is a clear sign of a new era. We are following up the numerous projects and measures that are already in place with direct action and we are working towards giving women and girls the visibility and appreciation in German football that they deserve,” said Doris Fitschen, general coordinator and head of the “Women in football” project.

A comprehensive plan of measures, geared towards the four aims, has been put in place as part of the strategy. Among other things, the focus is on further professionalising the FLYERALARM Frauen-Bundesliga, the flagship event of women’s football in Germany. Focus will also be placed on developing the 2. Frauen Bundesliga as a strong foundation and a springboard for talent.

Together with the Belgian Football Association (RBFA) and the Dutch Football Association (KNVB), the DFB wants to host the 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which should increase the enthusiasm for women’s football in the host countries and worldwide.

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