Saturday , May 8 2021

iSportConnect & LDN UTD partner for strategic eSports alliance!

Over the past year (and a bit) since Covid entered our lives, eSports has seen a huge uptake in partnerships, and here is the latest.

“We at iSportConnect are joining together with eSports org LDN UTD as part of a strategic partnership that will include regular features of LDN UTD content across iSportConnect’s channels, alongside other esports educational content,” said iSportConnect CEO Sree Varma.

“LDN UTD is the eSports org that promotes a healthy lifestyle and addresses social issues. They have recently worked with the Mayor of London, Rio Ferdinand Foundation, plus a number of brands, and held campaigns to address issues including knife crime, diversity and loneliness during lockdown.

It is great to be working with an organisation that has some fantastic values and wants to work for the benefit of the many by using esports as a tool to engage the younger generation. LDN UTD has hosted physical and online events to discover grassroots talent, and plans to continue to offer those in less-privileged situations the opportunity and accessibility to engage, recognising the power of the medium of esports as a way to connect.”

Olly Weingarten, Founder and CEO of LDN UTD said, “I’ve been involved in the iSportConnect community for many years and seen it go from strength to strength and become an impressive B2B sports networking platform, which addresses all the topical areas of the sports industry. Gaming and esports is merely an extension of this industry.

“In particular esports has become the fastest growing consumer industry, and this has been reflected by the continual presence of content surrounding it on the iSportConnect platform. I’m pleased to be able to bring a different perspective, as at LDN UTD we are harnessing grassroots gaming and combining it with professional esports to address social issues, we look forward to working with iSportConnect and its members to create engaging content.”

You can find out more details about LDN UTD by checking out the iSportConnect video with Olly below…

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