Wednesday , November 29 2023

Jamshedpur FC’s Pratik Chaudhari speaks before Mohun Bagan SG game!

Jamshedpur FC defender Pratik Chaudhari faced the media as the Men of Steel prepare to take on Mohun Bagan Super Giant in what would be an ISL super clash.

On the coach’s reaction after the previous match…

After the match is over, the coaching staff discusses the match with the coaches. And they give positive feedback. What kind of a match it was. What was good and what wasn’t? If a match is over, obviously the players have a different mentality. They think a lot. The coaching staff discusses the positives of the game. And what needs to be improved. Anyone can get angry. But it’s not like that. He’s very positive. Even if the match didn’t turn out well, he’s positive. He makes sure the team is together. He doesn’t get frustrated mentally. That’s why the coach is very good in this regard. He keeps the team positive. Because it’s a league. It’s not a tournament. It’s a marathon. Even if one player loses, it’s not like he says something to the other player. It’s not like that. It’s a team mistake. We lose as a team. We win as a team. He makes sure the team is positive.

On the preparation against Mohun Bagan Super Giant…

The team is doing well. Everyone was hurt in the last match. The players who didn’t play didn’t play. Everyone is angry. We have to come back and do well. The preparation is going well. We have been training for the last two days. We are excited and looking forward to the match. The coach is very positive about the match.

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