Thursday , May 19 2022

Top 5 will be the official Joma ball for the Spanish Primera RFEF Indoor Football League!

Joma, as the Official Indoor Footbal Technical Sponsor of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, and the RFEF have unveiled the official ball that will be used in the up and coming edition of the top national Indoor Football competition, First Division RFEF Indoor Football League.

With the five best players playing in one team is what the distinctive bright pink and purple lines of the TOP 5, the new official ball of the Primera RFEF Indoor Football symbolize. These shapes will embrace any player to enter that Summit reserved only for the best.

The TOP 5 ball will be the star of the upcoming season of the best indoor football league in the world, the Spanish Primera RFEF.

In terms of technical features, the official ball is made of the highest quality material. The outer layer is made up of 20 heat-sealed panels that provide resistance and on which a fluorescent print is applied to improve visibility on any court.

The inside is made up of five superimposed layers with different functions to create a ball for professional use that passed all conditions to acquire the FIFA Quality seal.

Technical features

  • 20 heat-sealed panels
  • PU microfiber layer
  • Reflective print
  • High quality guaranteed
  • Professional use
  • Size: 62 cm
  • Standard weight 410-430 grams
  • Specific indoor football bounce

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