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Grassroots signifies solidarity & Development of the Beautiful Game!

Savio Medeira, Technical Director of the All India Football Federation, has always been vocal about the importance of the Grassroots Programs which, he feels, will bolster the Indian Football Ecosystem in the coming future.

“It signifies solidarity and strength for the growth and development of the game within the Asian countries at all levels,” Medeira maintained when he was queried about the significance of the AFC Grassroots Day.

On being asked the importance of celebrating the AFC Grassroots day although the Grassroots is a 24/7 process actually, he opined: “The grassroots program continues throughout the year, but there should always a day to commemorate it which is being done on 15th of May.”

“According to the new definition of grassroots, more importance should be given for children football (6-12 yrs) for our development and to produce better players for the future,” he added while explaining the refurbished definition of Grassroots.

“Give equal opportunity and respect to every individual to enjoy the beautiful game,” he urged.

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