Monday , December 11 2023

AFC Coach Education Online session concludes successfully!

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC)’s commitment in raising the capabilities of its Member Associations (MAs) was once again underlined at the recent AFC Coach Education Online session.

The virtual workshop saw 80 participants from 28 Member Associations come together to discuss the various ways by which coaches in Asia can be equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to ensure the steadfast development of coach educators.

Following AFC Technical Director Andy Roxburgh’s opening address, the participants received updates on the AFC Coaching Convention, which currently endorses 43 of the Confederation’s MAs. They were also familiarised with key features such as reality based modules and the AFC Elite Youth A and B Diploma courses.

“It is imperative for MAs to develop their own content for the education of coaches for the long-term benefit of their football . Good coach educators lead to good coaches who develop good players and good teams,” said Roxburgh.

With Japan Football Association (JFA)’s coach education curriculum being one of the most renowned courses on the Continent, Technical Director Takeshi Ono shared a detailed overview of the JFA’s Annual Tutors’ Course to help developing MAs get inspiration to devise their own programmes.

Another key highlight of the discussion was the detailed analysis of a status report on the AFC’s technical programmes provided by FIFA, which highlighted the importance of building more academies and a need for more competitions to be played at the domestic level for the sustainable development of youth players.

To further understand the findings provided by FIFA, the participants then delved into an engaging Q&A session where they shared updates as well as challenges being faced by their respective MAs as they implement recommendations made by the AFC.

“Coach education is a key factor in raising the quality of football on the Continent. We must remember that a good coach educator has responsibilities that go beyond the football pitch, especially when dealing with youth players of an impressionable age,” explained Roxburgh.

“We must remember that as coach educators we must also protect our players from incompetent or unskilled coaches. Our success lies in developing competent coaches who can help players realise their potential,” he added.

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