Friday , September 29 2023

Asian officials benefit from valuable insights at the AFC Video Assistant Referees Course 2023!

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) conducted the AFC Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Course 2023 in the capital city of Malaysia from August 26 to 30.

Yet another indication of the AFC’s resolve towards establishing itself as a model Confederation, as outlined in its Vision and Mission, the highly interactive and engaging course was aimed towards assisting Asian referees reach the highest levels of officiating.

With some of the most renowned experts from across the Confederation’s Member Associations (MAs) coming together to share their experience, the course proved to be an excellent platform for the officials to enhance their knowledge of using the VAR technology.

The programme dedicated the opening day to evaluating the theoretical knowledge of the participants, through a variety of tests, which included quizzes on the Laws of the Game, VAR Protocols and Practicality, and VAR match incidents.

The afternoon session focused on studying past examples of VAR match incidents, with each participant evaluated by the Instructors on their understanding and analysis of each video clip.

Over the remaining four days, the 22 participants were divided into smaller group sessions, which comprised various activities focused on embracing the latest technological advancements.

These included carefully curated training sessions using the Mobile VAR (MVAR) technology, as well as the VAR simulator, both designed to prepare the referees for a variety of situations that might arise on the field.

Upon completing the course, Lara Christie Lee, a VMO from Australia said: “In the last few years, Asian referees have officiated on the biggest stages in the world. These courses help us stay well-informed about all the latest trends, which, in turn, enables us to give our best performance on the field.”

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