Saturday , February 27 2021

DFL joins HYPE Sports Innovation for the Global Virtual Accelerator 2.0!

DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga has entered into a cooperation with HYPE Sports Innovation, a leading accelerator for innovation and technology in sport. As an accelerator, HYPE supports the development of start-up companies in ways including communicating expert knowledge and facilitating contacts in relevant markets. The accompanying network comprises around 11,000 start-ups and some 40,000 sports industry stakeholders.

As part of the cooperation, the DFL will participate in the Global Virtual Accelerator program, working with the HYPE network to identify which specific challenges in the area of sport and media organisation can be solved by the participating start-ups and their technology. DFL will act as a mentor within the program and evaluate the content of the final results. The program is intended to promote the mutual exchange of expertise and the potential initiation of business relationships.

Andreas Heyden, DFL Group Executive Vice President Digital Innovation: “As a driver of innovation in professional sport, the DFL already works with leading industrial partners in many areas with the aim of finding the best solutions for current challenges and developments. This cooperation with HYPE and the start-ups also opens the door to additional creative ideas and approaches.”

Amir Raveh, Founder and President of HYPE Sports Innovation: “We are delighted to be working with the DFL, one of the most innovative leagues worldwide. In 2021, HYPE will continue impacting people’s lives through the power of Sports and innovation!”

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