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Football activities take centre stage across Oceania!

Although OFC’s international calendar is still uncertain due to the impact of COVID-19, football activities have started to resume in recent months and weeks in the OFC’s Member Associations.

As part of the increasing number of activities in the region, OFC Head of High Performance and Education Owain Prosser conducted a two-day online course this week with participants from Football Federation Samoa (FFS), including four female and six male Coach Educators and a range of FFS Development Officers as well community coaches.

The aim of the webinar was to familiarise Coach Educators with the philosophy, theory and delivery styles being promoted by OFC.

It was designed to help Coach Educators learn how to motivate and engage adult learners in order to provide those involved in coach education opportunities in the Member Associations with positive experiences.

“Coach Educators play a key role in supporting coaches to provide high quality, enjoyable environments for players,” Prosser said.

“Courses like this will not only help us improve standards of coaching but will also enable us to provide a positive development experience for coaches, helping to foster a culture of lifelong learning.”

“It was an enjoyable course to be part of and that was down to the Coach Educators involved from Football Federation Samoa.”

“The attitude, application and commitment of all involved was excellent and I am excited about the impact this group could have on the development of football in Samoa.”

“It will also provide Coach Educators with examples of skills, knowledge, and methods to deliver a high-quality Member Association Coach Education course.”

“Focusing on areas such as presentation, communication, and facilitation skills, with a focus on helping adults to learn to become good community football coaches.”

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