iSportconnect announce Tony Xia as featured Guest for China Directors’ Club!

iSportconnect have announced Tony Xia Jiantong, Owner and Chairman of Aston Villa Football Club, as featured guest for their 2017 China Directors’ Club.

Since he took ownership of one of England’s most famous clubs, Dr. Xia has become a hugely popular figure amongst the fans and media alike.

Dr. Xia is also the Chairman and CEO of RECON Group, a multinational conglomerate group company with over 35,000 employees in 75 countries.

He founded TEAMEX in 2004, which is now the largest and most competent company in the Smart City industry in China, with a recent market value of 20 billion RMB.

Following a very successful launch event last year, the Directors’ Club will be held for the second time in Asia’s biggest market, where the business of sport is rapidly reaching a scale and global influence reflecting China’s economic might.

The event will take place on Thursday, May 18, 2017. The venue has changed from the He Long Stadium to Wanda Visa Hotel, Wuyi Shangquan, Kaifu in Changsha, China.

iSportconnect has the vision to build a panel about Chinese ownership of foreign clubs, the impact of Chinese investment in world football and also the effects in sports coming from the Chinese government’s change of tone (i.e.: the active discouragement of high-profile investments in foreign sports).

Like all iSportconnect events, it will not be open to press and Chatham House Rule will be in effect to encourage the free exchange of information and opinion.

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