Monday , May 23 2022

iSportConnect’s physical Masterclass events to return in March 2022!

iSportConnect have revealed theor first return to physical events since the coronavirus pandemic, with the announcement of their 2022 Digital & Data Masterclass, taking place in London on Tuesday, March 29, between 9am to 5pm.

Digital & Data is an area which has become a cornerstone of the sports industry with ever-evolving aspects, meaning a constant uptake of knowledge are necessary in order to stay at the forefront of the latest innovations.

The importance of data and utilising it in a manner which is effective to your organisation is critical across every sector, as the digital world has allowed for further analysis and tracking to become available in places they may not have been in prior decades, creating an abundance of knowledge to gain insight on whether your business processes are being successful.

Digital, meanwhile, has opened up a whole new world for sport as we are all aware, but it does not stand still. Technological advancements are changing the digital space on a near-weekly basis so staying up to date is imperative.


iSportConnect have an impressive lineup of speakers to showcase for this event, and they will be unveiling our first group in the coming days, so stay tuned!

What will we be covering during the event?

Driving Digital Innovation in Music

The music industry has been navigating disruption to traditional business models for decades and it feels like we in sport are in many ways walking in their footsteps. How have the challenges they faced evolved, where is the music industry today, what’s next and what can sport learn?

Data Driven Customer Experiences

The business of sport has become adept at collecting data but arguably not so adept at leveraging that data to improve fan experiences. In this panel we explore specific use cases and experiences of leading experts from inside and outside of the sports industry to unearth the secrets to data success.

The Loyalty Debate: Build Versus Retain

Sport faces increased competition for the attention of new generations of fans as well as international fans. How do we find the right formula of engagement with our current fans to optimise loyalty while investing in building relationships with new fans?

The Future of Sports Content Consumption on Social

The role of social media in sport and society in general has evolved since the early days of Facebook. Gen Z have grown up with a plethora of platforms and content formats to choose from. What can we learn from the consumption habits of emerging generations that can help us to understand how we can better leverage social media.

The Evolution of D2C

Sport has talked about going direct to consumer for many years. However, the offerings have evolved little beyond OTT video platforms. How can the industry go beyond the focus on OTT video and enter a true direct to consumer era driven by the needs of fans?


iSportConnect’s Masterclasses are a place to connect, to inspire, to share ideas, to start conversations and open doors through the world’s largest private sports business network.

The events provide a media & sales free opportunity to network and learn with like-minded people, building the relationships that will change our industry for the better.

This is an invitation-only event for the iSportConnect community, which is free to sign up to for anyone working within the sports industry.

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