Wednesday , December 1 2021

Macau FA enjoys renewed AFC Grassroots Charter Bronze Membership!

The Macau Football Association (AFM) recently had their AFC Grassroots Charter Bronze Membership renewed, thanks to their continuous dedication and focus in upgrading grassroots programmes throughout Macau.

In approving their three-year-old membership renewal, the AFC Grassroots Panel cited the AFM’s strategic plans, age-group competition structure, event-organising capabilities, partnerships and adult-education projects. Despite limited resources and facilities, all activities were well-received by participants and enjoyed government support.

The association held eight annual programmes comprising Macau Football Day, Women’s Football Day, Football 101 classes and summer courses, among others. A total of 7,000 participants from various age groups attended their initiatives.

Future plans include introducing women, youth and futsal leagues as well as improving their overall programmes.

AFM President Victor Cheung Lup Kwan said: “When we were granted the AFC Grassroots Charter Bronze Membership for the first time in March 2018, it had a positive impact on implementing grassroots events and activities for the community.

“Because of the recognition, local schools are more open to football classes for young children. And participants and grassroots coaches felt proud and a sense of belonging to the AFM’s programme.

“‘We dream, we play’ has become AFM’s grassroots programme slogan, and we wish to reach out to football lovers to continue enjoying the sport they love. Young kids can develop their love and skill in football and senior players have a platform to play. We aim to create a safe space for all football dreamers.”

The AFC Grassroots Charter is a development tool that assists Member Associations to increase their grassroots programme quality. It targets 20 performance categories including competitions, planning, promotional activities and partnerships.

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