SAFF hosts Safeguarding in Football Seminar 2023 in Nepal!

The South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) hosted the SAFF Safeguarding in Football Seminar 2023 with the support of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) in Kathmandu, Nepal in August 2023.

The seminar brought together safeguarding officers of the Bangladesh Football Federation, Bhutan Football Federation, All India Football Federation, Football Association of Maldives and the Pakistan Football Federation.

With internationally acclaimed nonprofit organisations such as the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) and Educo lending their support as official facilitating partners, the seminar proved to be an excellent capacity building platform for participants to elevate their daily operations.

The seminar, which sought to enhance the best practices and safety measures within the region’s football ecosystem, kicked off with an opening address from SAFF Vice President Sundar Narshing Joshi.

The programme also featured a lineup of several experienced speakers, which include a representative from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and SAFF Safeguarding Officer Fatima Esha, both of whom imparted valuable insights into cultivating a secure environment in football.

The seminar concluded with closing remarks delivered virtually by SAFF General Secretary Anwarul Huq, following which tokens of appreciation were presented by the SAFF to their facilitating partners, the ANFA and the AFC.

The SAFF Safeguarding in Football Seminar 2023 served as a cornerstone for promoting safety and well-being, uniting football associations across South Asia. Through collaborative efforts, SAFF, ANFA and their partners are spearheading positive change, ensuring the beautiful game remains enjoyable and secure for all.

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