Friday , June 2 2023

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FIFA Referee Rowan Arumughan: Fitness, knowledge & meditation key for match preparation!

While the regulated lifestyle and rigorous training regimes of footballers – who work diligently to improve fitness in the gyms, follow stringent diet plans, study various tactics to function as a team – is well known, what often tends to escape our attention is the equally intense behind-the-scenes preparation, undertaken …

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AIFF TV: Live Q&A session with referee Rowan Arumughan & AIFF Referees Director Ravishankar J!

Eminent referee Rowan Arumughan and Ravishankar J, Director Referees, AIFF, join AIFF TV for an engaging conversation as they speak about the development of referees in Indian football over the years and share a number of unique insights.

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Rowan Arumughan: A referee cannot afford to be star-struck!

As they say, officials are the third team playing on a football field whose contribution to run a successful match often gets unnoticed. It’s a thankless job indeed but they can’t afford to rejoice a successful match as they need to get into the preparation mode for the upcoming one. …

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