Tuesday , May 17 2022

Eintracht Frankfurt set up new international division!

Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG is reshaping its division for International Relations and Sport Projects and is appointing Samy Julien Hamama to lead it.

The aim of this new department is to strengthen relationships with international footballing governing bodies and club organisations, as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations. The previous internationalisation tasks of the Sales and Marketing and the Media and Communication departments will be merged into the division. The International Sporting Partnerships department, which has been very successful to date, will form the backbone of Eintracht Frankfurt’s efforts abroad. The new combined approach pursues sports-political relationships to explore and exchange various perspectives on international football developments.

The newly formed division will be led by Samy Julien Hamama as Divisional Director. Hamama acquired experience early on at the EU Commission and the world football governing body FIFA, where he was responsible for the preparatory work for relevant sports-political decisions. In 2016, Hamama moved to the German Football Association (DFB) as Head of the President’s Office, before most recently being in charge of international relationships with global and continental institutions, as well as all of the DFB’s Public Affairs within Germany. The 38-year-old has built up a distinguished network that he has already put to very good use, most notably in the awarding of UEFA EURO 2024.

“The most recent developments in international football, in particular the plans to establish a European Super League, showed us that we all have to be alert to ensure that football is not led down a blind alley with drastic effects on the very existential basis of the Bundesliga clubs that are run by their members”, said Board Spokesman Axel Hellmann. “The decisions of the major international football associations and club organisations have a direct influence on our daily work in the Bundesliga, which is why, bearing in mind our future potential, we want to be more significantly involved on various levels internationally. In this context, we have managed to secure the services of Samy Hamama, who is an expert in networking on an international level and who is fully committed to our club philosophy.”

“Eintracht has made significant achievements both on and off the pitch in recent years and carved out a name for itself in Europe as an international club,” added Hamama. “Its model of consistently sustainable growth based on its own strengths could definitely be seen as best practice example for a sound, healthy competition. This also entails responsibility for the development of football as a whole, which the club would like to be passionately involved in. This is why I am very proud to be able to bring my skills and my expertise to the table and be part of the consistent expansion of Eintracht’s international activities towards these goals.”

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