Thursday , June 17 2021

Minerva Academy announce free vaccination of all Minervans!

Minerva Academy have announced free vaccination for all its staff today, thereby putting the “let’s win against Corona together” mindset into action.

Minerva Academy will get everyone vaccinated during the mega vaccination drive being carried out by the Central Government, starting from the first week of May.

The club has already vaccinated 75 employees during the first phase of vaccination and is planning to get 100 residential athletes vaccinated in the upcoming phases.

“We all want COVID-19 to be behind us as fast as possible and we want to contribute our part to make the country safe again by getting vaccinated as soon as the vaccine is available to us. Most of our employees have already gotten vaccinated. We want our employees to be #COVIDWarriors, so we have entered into a partnership with the local hospital for free vaccination. By doing this we will make sure that our Academy is safe,” said Minerva Academy Director Ranjit Bajaj.

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