Thursday , June 17 2021

Unified kick-off times for the last two matchdays in LaLiga Santander & LaLiga SmartBank!

As has become commonplace in previous seasons, the final two matchdays in both LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank will have unified kick-off times.

As a result, matchdays 37 and 38 in LaLiga Santander, and matchdays 41 and 42 in LaLiga SmartBank will schedule unified kick-off times for all matches whose results may have a direct impact on the final standings in the league table, in determining the champion of both categories, and in the case of LaLiga Santander, in confirming who qualifies for European competitions and who enters the drop zone. In the case of LaLiga SmartBank, in determining promotion and relegation zones as well as access to play-offs.

Any matches that could have an impact on achieving the same sporting objective but whose results do not affect other matches where a different objective is in dispute can be scheduled for a separate unified kick-off time.

Matches where the outcome does not or cannot affect any of the situations described above can be scheduled independently of the unified kick-off times.

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