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DFL has no regulation in the event of Bundesliga season is suspended!

During an extraordinary session Thursday, May 28, the Executive Committee of the DFL discussed scenarios and potential consequences if suspension of the Bundesliga and/or Bundesliga 2 will be unavoidable as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Executive Committee concluded that it would not specify a detailed regulation at this time in the event suspension of the season is unavoidable, and that for the time being, it would thus refrain from giving a recommendation to then be discussed by the DFL Members Assembly. The DFL’s Football Commission, comprising of representatives from twelve professional clubs, had previously put the same recommendation forward to the Executive Committee.

Regardless of this, the Executive Committee of the DFL is ruling out using the table from the first half of the season as a basis for final standings or invalidating the entire season if suspension is unavoidable. If all the clubs in a league have not completed the same number of matches and the season ends early, a compensation mechanism such as quotients would be needed.

Other European leagues have shown that legal disputes cannot generally be ruled out if the season is suspended – regardless of the regulation adopted. The Executive Committee of the DFL has no doubt that all efforts made in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 should be aimed at continuing the season so that their end results are based on sporting competition.

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