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Superpower Football – Half Volley: No East Bengal in the ISL?! Franchise Fee to reduce?

In what was an exciting week for Indian Football, two landmark moves were proposed to the FSDL. On one hand, clubs want the Franchise fee to be reduced and on the other, certain clubs want the Salary Cap completely eliminated. Ankush lays into both!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many clubs have been hit hard financially. The losses borne by the clubs will be significantly higher this year as an unstable economy is sure to affect ROI and sponsorship. The upcoming season will be played behind closed doors at a single venue which means that the clubs will also lose out on gate receipts. Taking all this into consideration, the clubs have approached the AIFF to ask for a reduction in the Franchise fee next season.

What came as a shock to most was when the newly merged ATK-MB made a bold proposal to the Indian Super League to remove the salary cap of 16.5 Cr, this was also supported by City Group acquired Mumbai City FC as well. Salary Caps ensure that one team doesn’t get an unfair advantage over the others. The rich clubs would be able to afford the better players and the financially riddled clubs will be in a slump. Ankush feels that if this move goes through, we could essentially have just two teams dominating the league which will affect the competitiveness of the league and make the league less exciting to watch. Do you agree?

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