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641 clubs receive UEFA EURO 2016 financial benefits!

A total of €150 million is being distributed to clubs from all 54 participating national associations who took part in the European Qualifiers from 2014–15 and UEFA EURO 2016.

A grand total of 641 clubs received payments for releasing players to the European Qualifiers from 2014–15 and the UEFA EURO 2016 final tournament. The definitive number of clubs and the amounts distributed were decided following the finalisation of financial provisions for the event in France.

Following 329 matches – 278 during the European Qualifiers and 51 at the final tournament – clubs from all 54 participating associations have benefited from the programme. An amount of €150m – which signifies a substantial increase of €50m compared to 2012 – was available for distribution to clubs as agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) renewed by UEFA and the ECA in 2015.

Based on the mechanism for distribution of the payments as approved by the UEFA Executive Committee, €100m was shared among clubs releasing players for the final tournament of UEFA EURO 2016, and the remaining €50m among those clubs which released players for the qualifying competition of UEFA EURO 2016, irrespective of whether the national team in question qualified or not.

In accordance with the detailed distribution mechanism agreed between UEFA and the European Clubs Association (ECA), clubs received an equal share per player per national team released for each qualifying match, and a fixed amount per player per day for the final tournament, weighted with the FIFA categorisation of clubs for training compensation. The exact distribution mechanism calculations can be accessed here.

The 641 clubs receiving solidarity payments represents a record number. Clubs who benefitted ranged from the elite level to the amateur tier with even fifth division sides from several national associations receiving funds.
For the full list of the clubs, and the total amount by each club click here.

Commenting on the solidarity payments, UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin said: “I am very pleased to see that we are able to provide financial benefits to so many clubs of all profiles and sizes in order to reward their contribution to UEFA EURO 2016. By sharing revenues from a highly successful European Championships we continue to support football development in all our member associations.”

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Chairman of the ECA, said: “Clubs are investing substantial resources in the development of players, who contribute to the sporting and financial success of national team football. Therefore, it is important and fair to recognise and reward the clubs for the release of their players. ECA is pleased that a serious agreement was found with UEFA, which benefits so many clubs from across Europe.”

For UEFA EURO 2020, the targeted total amount to be distributed is set at €200m.

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