Sunday , January 23 2022

DFL’s Christian Seifert on resolution by the Germany’s federal & state governments!

Regarding the resolution following yesterday’s conference of the German Chancellor and the heads of the German state governments on subjects including large events, Christian Seifert, Speaker of the Executive Committee of the DFL and DFL CEO, made the following statement:

“The DFL is aware of the current COVID-19 situation, which has unfortunately become difficult once again, particularly in consideration of the burden on several regional healthcare systems. It is regrettable that restrictions in many areas of life are once again necessary at all due to the pandemic situation and the persistently inadequate vaccination rate in Germany. This situation requires a differentiated, transparent and, most importantly, effective strategy from policymakers. As such, a temporary restriction on the admission of fans to stadiums is understandable based on the circumstances. The DFL hopes that this resolution by the federal and state governments will serve as the foundation for a rapid improvement of the pandemic situation. As a matter of course, the DFL and its clubs continue to support all vaccination efforts.”

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