Wednesday , May 18 2022

Joma presents the new Official Ball of the Spanish National Futsal League!

Joma as new sponsor of the LNFS has announced the Official Ball with which all competitions will be disputed during the 2019/20 season.

Joma has created a ball with two signs of identity: the name ÁGUILA F2 and the Fluor colour.

The name refers to the history of Joma as the eagle was an element part of the original logo of the brand also determining the characteristics of the ball: lightness and speed. And it also includes the chemical formula of fluorine: F, raised to maximum power with the expression F2.

The new “ÁGUILA F2” has been designed in a fluorine colour, conceived to improve the visibility of the ball on the different courts on which the Spanish National Futsal League is played. It is a modern and striking design.

ÁGUILA F2 is built with the highest quality materials. The outer layer is made up of 20 thermo-sealed panels that provide resistance and on which a 3D relief is applied to achieve a perfect grip on both the foot and the court. Its interior is made up of five superimposed layers which together create a ball for professional use that has passed all the criteria to achieve the FIFA Quality seal.

– 20 thermo-sealed panels
– PU layer microfiber 3D
– Guaranteed high quality
– Professional use
– Size: 62 cm
– Standard weight 410-430 grams
– Specific football-room boat

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